Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bond with a blonde

Bond with a blonde
Mixed media on board
15 x15 inches

Continuing the stlye I experimented with 'Reserved for you', this one is based on a certain gentleman spy!
Had fun with the texture and collage elements in this- managed to get the Aston Martin in too!

Was aiming to keep the colour harmoniuos and make an interesting composition. The texture uses acrylic mediums (texture paste and glass bead gel) and collage.



Caroline said...

Ryan this is great. Have you thought of working on a large canvas. Jonathan Hood has some work in the Heinzel gallery summer exhibition. type the name of the gallery into google search.

Ryan Evans said...

Thanks Caroline!

Would love to do a large canvas with more figures.

I looked at Jonathan work and it's fab as always. The 'Blues night' painting is excellent. I also really like the ones with the cats on the bed- my wife and I would love those as we've just got two cats. I'm actually working up a idea for my next one being a cat and its owner.

Think I'll do a few more this size just now though as I'm finding my feet with this new style. Also enjoying finding my way with mxed media, which is quite a new way of working for me.


Caroline said...

We have a cat too called Angus! I am looking forward to seeing more of your work here in the future. I know the work you mean with the cats by Jonathan it is good. If you are feeling inspired then paint, I usually do my best work when I feel inspired.