Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reserved for you

Reserved for you
Mixed media
15x15 inches

Last term at Leith School of Art we used a good variety of media and worked hard at loosening up style and application. I've been inspired to try to develop my style a little away from purely representational work. This has been inspired from Henry Moore's drawings and sculptures and a Scottish artist I like called Jonathan Hood.

I'm hoping to use the semi-abstract and mixed media approach to my Landscape painting as I'd become a bit frustrated with the genre.


d'Morais said...

Very pretty and excellent chromatic effect. I really liked it.

Caroline said...

I remember seeing this on WetCanvas and I made a comment on how lovely it is. Looking back on your blog here Ryan I find your portrait work really striking. Good luck with the college work.

kaeri said...

Nice work, I really liked this painting and the "getting to know you" too. Will it be ok if I post something about your work on my blog?

Ryan Evans said...

Hi Kaeri

thanks for commenting- feel free too, thanks for letting me know though and pop by your blog for a look!