Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cromarty Boats

Cromarty Boats

Here is another painting from my trip up North. This one was in a lovely little town called Cromarty near Inverness. These boats were out of the water I guess for repair but they had a real run down rustic appearance that had lots of character. That was the inspiration for the piece. Again this was painted entirely en plein air in one sitting of approximately 2-3 hours. Thankfully the weather was more than kind for this one with beautiful sunshine. I sketched the boats in and really went for using mostly painting knife to try to capture the rough rustic feel of the piece. Hope you enjoy- only the final version I'm afraid as I had no camera on this day!

Cromarty boats
Oil on panel
15x12 inches


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Buachaille Etive Mor

Buachaille Etive Mor

I managed to get outdoors to work on perhaps my favourite mountain here in Scotland- Buachaille Etive Mor- which means 'the great herdsman of the Etive' (mountain range).

This ominous rock guards the enrance to Glencoe and is absolutely awe inspiring- I just had to paint it!A short walk got me to this spot where I set up with my painting box and got cracking

At this stage I've blocked in the main shapes with a neutral gray thinned in turps

I've now got most of the main colour blocked in- working fast as you can see the dark clouds coming up Glencoe

There was a beautiful dance of sunlight catching the grass at the bottom of the mountain and some of the crags on the left so was keen to get this quicklyAbout 2 hours in and its just starting to rain a little. I actually managed to finish a bit more than shown here berfore rain got too heavy, but I didn't want to get camera out!!

Well here is the finished version. I decided that I didn't want to work on this in the studio and risk losing the freshness and atmosphere I captured in the field. What you see here then is the result start to finish outdoors in just over two hours- phew!

Buachaille Etive Mor

Oil on panel 15x12 inches

C&C always welcome


Monday, September 04, 2006

Portobello Promenade

Portobello promenade
Acrylic on canvas

Hi Welcome to the Ryan Evans Painting Blog!

Well this is my first post in the brave new world of blogging- please bear with me as I don't have a clue about how this all works yet!

As an artist I'm mostly self-taught though I try to attend night classes and workshops whenever possible- there's always something new to learn.

Coming from Scotland I have no shortage in beautiful scenery around to inspire me. My main passion in art is landscape, but to constantly keep me improving and sharpen my skills, I tackle other subjects- still life, portraits and figurative works. I paint mostly oils, but dabble with other mediums such as pen & ink, pencil, pastel and acrylic.

Over the coming weeks I plan to add to the blog with new paintings, drawing and projects. This will allow those interested in my work to follow me on my journey as I hope to progress as an artist. I'll try to give an insight into the work and techniques behind the paintings as well as some information about what inspired me about the scene in the first place. I also hope that in the near future I will be able provide access for anyone interested to purchase or commission work- This is something I'm looking into at present.

Anyway enough blethering from me- I thought the best thing me me to do is post a picture to get started. This was the first painting!