Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cromarty Boats

Cromarty Boats

Here is another painting from my trip up North. This one was in a lovely little town called Cromarty near Inverness. These boats were out of the water I guess for repair but they had a real run down rustic appearance that had lots of character. That was the inspiration for the piece. Again this was painted entirely en plein air in one sitting of approximately 2-3 hours. Thankfully the weather was more than kind for this one with beautiful sunshine. I sketched the boats in and really went for using mostly painting knife to try to capture the rough rustic feel of the piece. Hope you enjoy- only the final version I'm afraid as I had no camera on this day!

Cromarty boats
Oil on panel
15x12 inches



Nevermore Studio said...

I really love this piece...not too detailed, nice painterly feel..

Ryan Evans said...

Cheers Nevermore

Thats exactly what I was after!