Thursday, June 16, 2011

Edinburgh College of Art Degree show

Went to see the ECA Degree show tonight- lots to see. It finishes on Sunday so if you're around and about Edinburgh its well worth a visit:
There were a couple of painters that caught my eye, they were using allegory (one Christian symbolism and the other Greek mythology) and painting large canvases in oil.

one was Aisha Al-Sadie, unfortunately I didn't get the other's name but will post if I find out.

In my more recent work 'Forbidden fruit' and the unpublished work that currently on my easel utilise suggestions of symbolism in the use of the apple.

There was a lot of pure abstract paintings on show that had some nice mark-making and subdued colours. I thought some of it was nice but a little derivative- its not really my bag but can appreciate that many will like this. I prefer art with more skilled craft and narrative. Was a good opportunity to get in ECA and have a look around though. The building is amazing with beautiful light airy studios looking onto Edinburgh castle- woth seeing by itself!

There was a lot of classical sculpture casts around as well, I can see me going to try to draw them. I did some life classes with artist Graham Flack who teaches there who told me the public can go in and draw there whenever they like so I'll try to do that.