Monday, January 28, 2008

The beach at North Berwick, Winter sun

The beach at North Berwick- Winter sun

Oil on canvas

16x16 inches

January is a cold month for sure! The sky is usually like this, threatening to hit us with snow, sleet or rain- every now and then though the sun peeks through and lights up the landscape with warm light. Wanted to capture that contrast in this piece.


Saturday, January 26, 2008


First post of 2008!

This has been on my easel for a while now as had a festive break while waiting for layers to dry. Finally finished it this week. I started this while doing my recent oil painting night class where the tutor was trying to get us to go more abstract. After much head scratching for ideas I came up with looking at the legend of Achilles and using classical art as a starting point tried to create a contemporary 'abstract' image.

It was a real departure for me as I mostly paint in a realist fashion- I have to admit I really got into and was surprised how much work was involved in it. I really got excited seeing what effects, textures and shapes I could get in there.


Oil and gold leaf on canvas
24x18 inches