Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Horse #2

Horse #2
Mixed media on canvas
The next in my series inspired by classical sculture. This Greek horse sculpture (from the Parthenon Frieze) had a great sense of urgency- there is a mix of excitement, fear and rage that I wanted to recreate to give the sense of a horse used in battle.

This was the starting stage for this one- using collage and texturing effects to create an interesting backdrop

I enjoyed trying a new trick on this one in using acrylic paint mediums to transfer an image onto the paint surface. Instead of using collage to stick a paper image- the benefit of this technique is that with acrylic mediums transferring the image they can be made to be transparent and therefore the underpainting can show through- really was quite exciting to see what I could do with this

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Self portait in soft pastel

A quick self portrait! Done while watching the football so about an hour

Soft pastel on Murano paper

Working on another abstract classical piece so did this while waiting for paint to dry!