Friday, November 28, 2008

Whisky in the jar

Whisky in the jar
Oil on canvas
8x8 inches

A small still life continuing my series (, with the light source coming from back right. I wanted to get some of those refelctions and shadows

I was aiming to get the right balance between suggestion and details


rob ijbema said...

yes i'll have some off that ryan!especially if its scottish
i like the textures in the glass
and the reflection is very convincing

Dan Corey said...

Hey Ryan, this is a nice piece and I also like paintings with whisky in them, the color seems to be a near compliment to the color of true north light.

Ryan Evans said...

Rob- Yeah it's an especially fine Glenmorangie (quinta ruban- well worth trying if you can get it!

Thanks for commenting on the glass and reflections- they were tricky to do on a small canvas and I didn't want to use too small a brush


Ryan Evans said...

Dan- You're right about the colour of whisky deep fire colours. I used raw sienna and cadmium orange on this


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
Hey, you are really doing some serious work here. Love the figures and the glass work here is really well done. Very good stuff on your blog Ryan...way to go!

Ryan Evans said...

Hey Ron

Thanks for the kind words and dropping by. I've been enjoying doing the small still life series.

The winter light here as always is not the best for painting- especially landscapes.

THe still lifes and life classes have been really good to keep me going. I've got a private view on Thursday at Leith School of Art, with all the students work being displayed so that will be great


Dan Corey said...

Hey Ryan, just stopping by to wish ya Happy Holidays!