Monday, November 03, 2008

Cast shadows -Week 4 study

Cast shadows- Week 4 study

Charcoal on paper 33x22 inches

This week we had a wee bit longer on our main pose so I got more of a finished image. We were instructed to try to use the side of the charcoal stick for the first 30 mins with no measuring and using shading to define edges. Drawings by Seurat were used as an example.

In the last part I used an eraser and some lines to redefine parts that were in need of more resolution.



Dan Corey said...

Hi Ryan, I been reading some older posts along with your newer stuff, and I'm enjoying it thoroughly, you have some nice work. As for Suerat drawings , they are my favorite, I had a chance to see some of them live a couple of years ago at RISD museum. They appear to breathe. take care, Dan

Ryan Evans said...

Thanks Dan!

We had an exhibition in Edinburgh recently about preparatory drawing studies for paintings and there was a Seurat drawing he used for the Bathers painting- really nice tonal work and not a line in sight!


Dan Corey said...

Hey Ryan, I noticed you haven't posted in a bit hope all is well. I'm here to tag you. please top by my blog for the rules, Dan