Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bass Rock sunset 1

Bass Rock sunset
Soft Pastel on red Murano pastel paper
18x14 inches

Trying out some ideas for a large new oil painting of the Bass Rock I'm about to start. The small photo here on the blog doesn't do much justice to the actual colours of this painting, which is a shame. I'll definitely get a better shot for the gallery image!


Emsk said...

Hi Ryan,
I've just discovered your blog and your paintings. Had to tell you how much I like the Bass Rock ones. I lived in North Beriwck when I was a child and the Bass has featured in a number of my paintings as well. For now I stay in London, but you've inspired me to come up the road and paint the coast again.
Good luck! Emily

Ryan Evans said...

Hey thanks Emily, yeah the coast is pretty nice here and always inspiring to paint.
North Berwick is awesome from an artist point of view too