Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bastion- amended!

I got some great new Unison pastels yesterday- their 'Heavenly Shadows' set. I'd not been happy with the shadows in the mountain of 'The Bastion' painting but didn't seem to have the right colour. The great thing with pastels on Sennelier la carte is that using a bristle brush, you can remove layers of pastel and the paper keeps its grainy surface and you can paint over the top.

I've lightened the shadow overall, especially as the Bastion ridge gets further away. By lessening the contrast between dark and light and cooling the shadow colour, it helps to acheive the effect if the ridge receding into the distance.



Signorina said...

You've got great Talent! wow!

Ron Guthrie said...

Ryan, you did a wonderful job on this piece. I really feel I'm part of the scene. Well done buddy!

Ryan Evans said...

Hey Signorina, Many thanks for the kind words, glad you like it


Ryan Evans said...


Glad the painting transported you there and you like it!

Good to hear from you