Friday, October 15, 2010

New life drawing / painting group

I managed to find a new drop-in untutored life drawing/painting group. Its really good to do a class untutored as I can work in whatever media I want and try to develop some of the techniques and ideas I got from Leith School of Art. It's a 3 hour class with an hour of quick sketches followed by a longer pose for the remainder of the time (about an hour and a half after breaks).

Here's what I got done for the longer pose

Model with red chair and reflection

Soft pastel on Sennelier pastel card


Ron Guthrie said...

Good work on the figure Ryan. I like it. Cool you found that new group class to work with. They have something similar up in Morro Bay and a few of my friends up there meet at a park to do figure drawings with a live model.
Very cool!

dev said...

if you really love landscapes then dear sir I am heartily inviting you in the world of landscape...that is India...I am a student and passionate photographer..I can show the best landscapes you ever seen...

Ryan Evans said...

Hi Ron

Its great to have these groups as I'm not doing Leith School of Art this year. Will post my effort from last week up as well. Do you do life classes yourself?

Thanks for popping by and commenting


Ryan Evans said...

Hi Dev

I'd love to go to India at some point and see the landscapes for myself. I don't doubt that they are fabulous. Certainly the famous sites that you see in the brochures are stunning, I'm betting thats only the tip of the iceberg though

I'd looked into it a few years back but unfortunately it was going to be monsoon season at that time, so ended up going to South-East Asia instead. No chance at the moment unless I win the lottery!

Do you have a link for your photography?

Thanks for looking and posting.


dev said... to have sm comments from you