Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Linocut print

4x7 inches

My second attempt at linocut printing. Getting a bit more confident at this as it was quite challenging to get some of the detailled bits. Did an edition of 25 which was tough work without a press- as each one has to be hand printed using the back of a spoon to burnish the image!

On another note I got my portrait painting from Julie Mardell- I'm really pleased with it she's done a great job. The portrait swap was great fun- I'll definitely do another one. Anyway here is the painting!

Ryan - by Julie Mardell


Oil on canvas


wetoilpaint said...

Nice design on the linocut.
Great job for a second time.
The painting is very nice too.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a portrait. As your Dad, I would say she has definitely caught you perfectly. It is outstanding.