Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Made from girders

Made from girders!
Acrylic on canvas
8x8 inches

Another small still life. A well known Scottish soft drink- like to include some contemporary items that portray life in Scotland at this moment. Also liked the strong bold complementary colours blue and orange that make this striking!




Great piece!

Ryan Evans said...

Thanks Hal!

I'm a big admirer of your work (and subject matter!)so your kind words mean a lot.

Thanks for looking and posting


Dyson said...

Hi Ryan- Love this piece. Your attention to detail is beautiful and I think the idea of turning rubbish into art is really clever.
I'll be at Leith next year during the day but I havn't yet decided whether to take the evening class again or not.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Ryan Evans said...

Thanks Dyson!

Summer was great- back at Leith now and loving it. How's the day class?