Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still Life Sunflowers with summer fruits

Still Life Sunflowers with summer fruits
Oil on canvas
12x16 inches

Fresh off the easel, decided to try out a still life as haven't done one in a while. Had just bought some fruit and decided to put it in.

Here is a photo of my set-up
And this is my rough drawing with charcoal onto the canvas. Trying to get the correct tone here.

Next its time to get painting- first blocking-in the main colours at the tonal values set down in my charcoal sketch

This was a fun exercise and I'm pretty happy with the results.


Ron Guthrie said...

More good work!
I've yet to get the nerve up to paint a still life. Had to do one way back in college and hated it. The oranges here are perfect! You are doing good work Ryan.

Ryan Evans said...

Hi Ron

Thanks for dropping by! Yeah still lifes are a good challenge and allow me to really concentrate on trying to get composition and textures- always makes me learn a new trick or technique.



Dash said...

You're really great at still life.
I hate it but we have to do it in school and you is really inspirating me :D


Ryan Evans said...

Thanks Dash!

Still life can be boring if the set-up isn't right or the objects aren't stimulating enough. If you're bored painitng it then it'll likely show in the work.

Try picking an object that excites you for some reason be it colour, texture or sentimental reasons- that may help.

Still life is amazingly valuable in helping you learn composition and technique so try to hang in there- it'll pay off!

Dash said...

I will try, hope it works cause I love painting.
Thanks for your tip.