Monday, April 16, 2007

Bass Rock (work in progress)

Bass Rock (work in progress)
This is a large painting I'm working on at the moment in the studio (1 x 1 metre). Its easily the largest I've atempted and it a subject I love to paint (as you can see from previous posts!), for these reasons I really excited about this one!
At this first stage I've decided on my composition. The horizon is placed on the traditional golden mean (dividing the canvas in roughly 2 thirds sky and 1 third sea). I've placed the rock off centre to the right hand side also. At this stage I've very loosely blocked in the rock itself using burnt umber and ultramarine blue, thinned with turps, this was done with my handy 2 inch decorator brush (felt like Rolf Harris at this point!), then my favourite 1 inch flat brush.
Next stage I blocked in the sky and sea. Again very rough at this point- not worrying about detail or anything, just want to get rid of the white canvas and try to establish the rest of the composition and tonal range.
Well this is where I'm at now. I've been working up the sky, trying to get the colours and tone right as this will define the light for the rock and the sea.
More to follow.....

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