Friday, March 16, 2007

Recent life studies and sketches

Recent life studies and sketches
Study of my right hand
Staedler pigment liners on paper
9x12 inches
Sometimes poor TV focusses you on doing something more interesting!- Did this waiting for football to come on in about 30mins. Better fun than the game (my team lost obviously!)

Maria sleeping pose
Soft pastel on paper
23x11 inches

Another one from the night classes I'm doing. Model was very slender (yes her leg was this bony!)

Fiona seated
Charcoal on paper
23x17 inches

One from another life drawing group I've been going to organised by the National Gallery of Scotland, led by the artist Damien Callan. This has been a great series of life classes, with a suberb artist and teacher. Having the class in the National gallery is amazing as for the first 1/2 hour we go up into the gallery and are looking at the Titian's, Ruben's, van Dyke's, Rembrandt's, Velasquez's, Degas.....
Damien talks at these master paintings giving us pointers, then we go back and try it out- superb! Highly recomended if your around Edinburgh.

Tonight I went to see an exhibition Damien is having here and was really taken by the loose expressive style. You get a real sense of movement and animation in his work that coupled with vibrant colour make for a striking image- please visit the link below:

Fiona with headscarf
Charcoal, sanguin & white chalk on sepia paper
12x15 inches

Another quick sketch (20mins) from the Damien Callan class

Have been doing loads of life drawing for the last 8 weeks which has been great, need to get back to painting though!


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