Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hay bales

Hay bales
Oil on board
15x12 inches

This was a recent work completed en plein air, again using a combination of brushes and painting knifes. I love the texture contrasts that you can acheive this way. The brushes allow a degree of control and you cannot help but paint loosely and expressively with the painting knife.

I used deliberate colour contrasts in this one, starting with a cobalt violet under-painting, establishing the tonal contrasts and sketching out the composition. Yellow is obviously the complementary colour to purple/violet and I have deliberately left some the underpainting show through in spaces to enhance the yellows in the field. The blue/violet sky also deliberately complements the orange highlights in the field.

I almost never got to do this one as the farmer turned up as I was about to set up. He was not too happy having a stranger in his field, but when I explained what I was up to he got pretty excited about it. I promised him first shout at purchasing it, but by the time I finished it he was long gone and I could not find him.


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Ron Guthrie said...

Hey Ryan,
Great job on this painting. I'm a big fan of Bills work too and have been trying the underpainting thing too. You did it great here. By the way, your shadows around the haybales are excellent!
By leaving, that farmer missed out on a great opportunity to get his hands on a really good piece of work. Hope he one day see it and snags it up.
Nice work Ryan.